The YWCA of Southern Arizona is part of a Get Out the Vote campaign. Get Out the Vote is a non-partisan campaign intended to increase voter engagement in Southern Arizona. The campaign peaked on September 27th, National Voter Registration Day but will continue with a social media campaign until Election Day on the 8th of November.

GOTV Southern Arizona 2016

Get Out the Vote is a coalition of community partners who came together to create a voter engagement campaign. As the intern working on the Get Out the Vote campaign I was able to learn a lot from our community partners. There are over 25 partners so there is wealth of knowledge to pull from. However, working with the community partners was sometimes a challenge because of schedules and different goals. At times, there were a lot of different opinions and acknowledging all opinions while coming to a common goal was challenging.

I found myself managing the social media portion of the campaign. The social media campaign is important because most young people, a target of the Get Out the Vote campaign, get election news from social media. Additionally, I tried to encourage getting registered to vote online and getting the mail-in ballot. Young people typically do things online because it is more convenient. Going to a polling place on election day is not always the most convenient so encouraging people to get mail-in ballots could increase voter turnout.

The Get the Vote Kick Off event was held on voter registration day at the YWCA. The Kick Off was an awesome event. Community partners showed up and we were able to capture great images for our social media campaign as well as get some folks registered to vote. Unfortunately, local media did not show up, despite numerous calls and emails to them. We are left with the dilemma of how to market ourselves to the media in order to get them to show up to future events.

Overall, I was able to learn a lot from the coalition members and from working on the Get Out the Vote campaign. I was invited to become a member of the League of Women Voters and created many connections with different agencies. Additionally, I have gained vital experience working within a coalition. In total, the Get Out the Vote campaign registered 640 voters collectively. This Friday, October 28th, is the last day to request an early ballot. Election day is November 8th. Get Out the Vote!

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