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We Stand Together Tucson

The 2nd Annual Delores Huerta Luncheon was held at the YWCA’s Frances McClelland Community Center of March 4, 2015. These are the welcome remarks from our Executive Director to our guests:

Bienvenidos, welcome to the YWCA Southern Arizona. It is such a privilege to be able to host the 2nd Annual Delores Huerta luncheon.

I was reminded this morning to bring my gavel. There is no better way to begin this event than with a crack of a union gavel on the podium (crack it).

This gavel belonged to my grandfather who was a union organizer and later president of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union in the Calumet Region, just outside of Chicago. It sits on my desk as a reminder that: Justice only happens when people work together…when they work together with people who are different from them but who are all striving, in their own way, for justice, peace, freedom and dignity.

We stand with Rosa.*

We stand with Rosa!

And we also stand with single moms who can’t afford child care to work or go to school in this state, where child care subsidies have been cut to the bone. We stand with our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who are still fighting for equal marriage. We stand with African American moms and dads who should not have to bear the burden of having to teach their sons (and their daughters, too) how to respond when they are stopped by the police. We stand with minimum wage workers who are not making a living wage and who have to choose between a paycheck and a sick kid, because they do not have paid sick days. We stand with poor women who do not have access to affordable reproductive health care and, therefore, do not have control over their own bodies, families or future.

We stand with Rosa!

And we stand with all people who are working for peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

We stand together Tucson!

– Kelly Fryer

*We stand with Rosa is a campaign in support of Rosa Robles, an immigrant woman who is living in sanctuary in a Tucson church.

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